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Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

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Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty. -Anne Herbert

Have you ever noticed that when your day couldn’t get any worse and you’re feeling down, a stranger’s act of kindness changes your day?  Perhaps you are late to work and a stranger lets you have the only cab around.  Or you didn’t realize that your pants have a hole in the pocket and you don’t have the money to pay for that much needed Starbucks coffee, only to turn around and realize that the person next to you just paid your bill.

Other people’s actions have a funny way of affecting our own.  By the same token, our actions affect other people as well.  So if our acts are contagious, why not offer a kind act that will brighten someone’s day?

If you are looking for ideas you can find some on Lifehack or on the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.  Or you can simply do what feels right for you.

Check out these anonymous stories from from people who have witnessed RAKs:

Earlier this year,Beth’s father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After taking a three week leave of absence from her job at an accounting firm, Beth made a 230 mile drive daily to ensure her father was being taken care of properly. Her fellow employees at the firm voluntarily collected money to help pay for some of the expenses. The partners of the firm matched the sum of the money collected by Beth’s colleagues. Wouldn’t it be great if we all could work with such nice folks?

At the end of a very terrible day when things in my life seemed out of control, and everyone seemed caught up in their troubles and work, the man in the booth at the lot I park my car smiled this incredible smile at me. I realized that each day when I leave work, he is always there with a nice word and smile and makes me feel better. I thanked him for his smile, and let him know how much it meant to me.

A group of co-workers were talking after lunch one day about what they would do if they had a million dollars. Some talked of trips, others of new houses. One man, who never said much at the lunch table, said that he would buy a half-gallon of ice-cream and eat it in one sitting. It seemed he had several children, and ice-cream on his budget was a luxury, so it was seldom purchased. Later that day at a coffee break, his co-worker presented him with a half-gallon of strawberry ice-cream and a spoon, and he ate every last bite. For one afternoon, due to an act of kindness, he became a millionaire.

Photo courtesy of genesis.

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  1. You should help me with my paper, so we both feel good about it :D

    BTW I appreciate you talking to me that day at Barnes and Noble, no one ever approaches me and that RAK really made me feel good.

  2. When I lived in San Francisco, one of my absolute favorite R.A.K. was to pay the toll for the person behind me. Today, if someone is doing a good or especially great job, I always let them know and their boss if possible. I don’t know who is happier, the person being acknowledged or how good I feel.

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