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The Final Freedoms

The Final Freedoms

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On the horizon is approaching a religious and cultural furore so contentious, any clash of civilizations may have to wait.

On one side, a manuscript titled: The Final Freedoms, against all the gravitas religious tradition can bring to bear. What science and religion thought impossible has now happened. History has its first literal, testable  and fully demonstrable, proof for faith.

The first wholly new interpretation for 2000 years of the Gospel/moral teachings of Christ is on the web. Redefining all primary elements including Faith, the Word, Law, Baptism, the Trinity and especially the Resurrection. Questioning the validity and origins of all Christian tradition, and  focusing specifically on marriage, love and human sexuality; it overturns all natural law ethics and theory, and at stake is the credibility of several thousand years of religious history.

What first appears a counter intuitive challenge to the religious status quo, on closer examination contains a wisdom the theological history of religion either ignored, were unable to imagine or dismissed. An error of presumption which could now leave ‘tradition’ staring into the abyss and prove humbling for secular speculation.

Using a synthesis of scriptural material drawn from the Old and New Testaments, the Apocrypha , The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Nag Hammadi Library, and some of the world’s great poetry, as in the beginning, it describes and teaches a single moral Law, a single moral principle, a single test of faith, and delivers on the Promise of its own proof; one in which the reality and will of God responds directly to an act of perfect faith with a demonstration of his omnipotence, an individual intervention into the natural world, ‘raising’ up the man, correcting human nature by a change in natural law, altering biology, consciousness and human ethical perception beyond all natural evolutionary boundaries. Intended to be understood metaphorically, where ‘death’ and darkness are ignorance and ‘Life’ and light are knowledge,  this personal experience of omnipotent transcendent power, moral purpose and confirmation of a covenant between man and God is our ‘Resurrection’ and justification for faith. By this act of ‘creation’, on a perfectly objective foundation of moral principle, conduct  and virtue, true morality and the good  ‘Life’ begins.

The first ever viable religious conception capable of leading reason, by faith, to observable consequences which can be tested and judged is now a reality. A teaching that delivers the first ever religious claim of insight into the human condition that meets the Enlightenment criteria of verifiable, direct cause and effect, evidence based truth embodied in experience. For the first time in history, however unexpected, the world must contend with a claim to new revealed truth, a moral wisdom not of human intellectual origin, offering access by faith, to absolute proof, an objective basis for moral principle and a fully rational and justifiable belief!

As in the beginning, this is ‘religion’ without any of the conventional embellished trappings of tradition. An individual, spiritual/virtue/ethical conception, independent of all cultural perception; contained within a single moral command and single Law that finds it’s expression of obedience within a new covenant of marriage. It requires no institutional framework or hierarchy, churches or priest craft, no scholastic theological rational, dogma or doctrine, no ones permission and stripped of all theological myth, ‘worship’ requires only conviction, faith and the necessary measure of self discipline to accomplish a new, single, moral, categorical imperative and the integrity and fidelity to the new Divinely created reality.

If confirmed and there appears a growing concerted effort to test and authenticate this material, this will represent a paradigm change in the nature of faith and in the moral and intellectual potential of human nature itself;  untangling the greatest  questions of human existence: sustainability, consciousness, meaning, suffering, free will and evil. And at the same time addressing the most profound problems of our age.

Providing the ‘means to ends’  this new teaching is asking humanity: choose the future you prefer? The status quo, with existing religious traditions, mired in their own contradictions, corruption, hypocrisy and hocus-pocus, offer little but pretensions and divisiveness, and where existing political process can only feebly respond by spin and whitewash, to the growing chaos of fear, more war, terrorism, economic turmoil, environmental degradation, injustice, natural disaster, plague and pandemic; or comprehend that human nature, prisoner to its evolutionary root, exists within fixed limits of understanding, and by taking new personal and moral responsibility, in a single change of mind, heart  and conduct, by faith, transcend those limits and blow the status quo strait to oblivion.

Trials of this new teaching are open to all and under way in many countries, colloquial evidence already suggest confirmations have and are taking place. For those individuals who can shake off their existing prejudices, imagine outside the cultural box of history,  stand against the stream of fashionable thought and spin, who have the moral courage to learn something new and will TEST this revelation for themselves, an intellectual and moral revolution is already under way, where the ‘impossible’ becomes inevitable, by the most potent, political, Non Violent Direct Action any human being can take to advance peace, justice, change and progress. To test or not to test that is the question?

The tragedy for humanity will be if religion, theology, skepticism and atheism have all so discredited the very idea of God and revealed truth to re-imagine, discover and experience just how great this potential is?


Published [at the moment] only on the web, a typeset manuscript of this new teaching is available as a free [1.4meg] PDF download from an increasing number of links including:

Table of Contents

1. the Fall and forfeit of a spiritual inheritance
2. A Divine comedy, the trap, of David’s line
3. Perfect faith
4. The Gospel of the Resurrection / the Test of the human spirit
5. Circumcision of the heart
6. the Law of Life
7. the Marriage of wit and wisdom
8. Passing the stain
9. Health
10. Woman
11. the single way of the Resurrection
12. Choice and judgement
13. Against traitors and rebels
14. Wisdom
15. Search for the Resurrection and find the living God
16. To Arms to Battle
17. the Way: a new exodus part 1 Baptism of water, profession of faith, confession of death
18. the Way: a new exodus part 2 Baptism of fire, to be born again, season of fasting
19. the Way: a new exodus part 3 Traps and snares
20. the Way: a new exodus part 4 a Pilgrims progress
21. the Lord’s Day: part 1 the Resurrection, Baptism of the Holy Spirit
22. the Lord’s Day: part 2 amazing Grace
23. the Lord’s Day: part 3 the Victory of faith
24. the Redemption: part 1 Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
25. the Redemption: part 2 Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
26. the second pillar of the Law
27. Dead roots: part 1 anti-Christs
28. Dead roots: part 2 Babble-on
29. Dead roots: part 3 the Apocalypse of Israel

Article submitted by Robert Landbeck.

About Editor

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  1. If you are suggesting that you discovered the resurrection of Christ is evidence of God and should be tested and judged by ‘Enlightenment criteria’ I’m afraid you’re a little behind the curve.
    Acts 17
    “because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed; and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead.”

    And if i must take a 9 month sexual fast from my God honoring and God designed marital intimacy in order to gain some supposed new enlightenment sorry you’re wrong I’m out. And I feel sorry for you. Please add another famous philosopher to your prophetic manuscript “Do a little dance…get down tonight!”

  2. There are many well meaning people, some of whom may have actually seen the Light, who have developed messianic complexes and believe they are the one who has the ultimate truth humanity needs.
    Mr. Landbeck appears to be one of them.
    However, while many do actually serve the Spirit of truth, there is but one who is the principle messenger for the Spirit of truth, known as a son of man or messiah, a genuine servant of God, anointed and chosen by God.
    That one fulfills the prophecies of all the prophets, especially the prophecies of Isaiah, and Jesus of Nazareth, and he “brings Jacob again.” (To understand what that means, a portal to his work is at

    • “There are many well meaning people, some of whom may have actually seen the Light, who have developed messianic complexes and believe they are the one who has the ultimate truth humanity needs.”

      Checked out your website and find that you are promoting a man whom you say is anonymous. Why could not your quote above that you apply to Mr. Landbeck equally apply to the one you are following or even to you and your belief in him/her/them?

      At least Mr. Landbeck has the conviction and stands behind his comments publicly. Conceivably, the views you are promoting are your own. . . in view of anonymity, conceivably you are the son of man you are promoting.

  3. I have the advantage of having already tested and confirmed the efficacy of the new teaching and can assure any reader that it both IS and DOES exactly what it claims to do. It does require careful study. Best to print out the material. This is no airport/screen read.A small price to pay for changing the course of history?

  4. I have been looking for this “proof”. It may well be that I am not smart enough to figure it out so I hope that someone can point me to the text where this proof is. What I see here is all interpretation of the bible from one point of view or another. I also don’t understand “testable by faith” what does that mean? How is that a test? I’m so confused.

  5. At the heart of your revelation is a 9 month sexual fast between husband & wife as the only way to resurrection, a new nature, and new life in the Spirit. When Jesus appeared to the disciples and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” it didn’t seem as complicated. Or when He said, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me, though he die, yet shall he live…” Or when He said, “If you love Me, you will keep My words. And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper to be with you forever, even the Spirit of Truth.” You have made all this dependent on a 9 month sexual fast between husband and wife. You have turned away from the simplicity of grace. “Why do you submit to regulations. . . according to human precepts and teachings? These have indeed an appearance of wisdom in promoting self-made religion and asceticism and severity to the body, but they are of no value in stopping the indulgence of the flesh.” Col. 2

    What clouded the whole thing was the unending listing of single quotes from Christian and obscure non-Christian sources, as well as from Pete Seeger to Shakespeare. Listing single statement quotes without any context and grouping them unfortunately didn’t help to bolster the little that was actually written. Neither did the threats of utter damnation if what was written wasn’t believed, or your pronouncement that you are the last prophet sent by God.

  6. You wrote: “History has its first literal, testable and fully demonstrable, proof for faith.”

    Um, not really. What you have assembled is a self-referential mass of 370 pages, all pointing back to the Bible. The poets you quote all use the Bible as a vehicle of allusion to carry their message. Or didn’t they teach that concept at your theologically-based college?

    Circular logic is not a “proof”, unless you were referring to something other than a *logical* proof. And scientific treatises normally have an abstract so that the reader can get the gist of what the author is proposing without having to wade through the entire paper only to determine that, in the end, the conclusion is unsupported.

  7. Another pair of idle thumbs. When will you people learn that William of Ockham was pretty much spot on?

  8. To quote Mark Twain: “the man who won’t read has no greater advantage than one who can’t read”.

    The manucript is a free pdf download from the included link. It requires careful study. The proof is describe with precision. Test it for yourself!

  9. So what exactly is the proof you are offering (in laymen terms)? There is a lot of spin here that doesn’t really mean much but gets repeated several times.

  10. I’d end up being mendacity if i said i do not such as this post, in reality, I love it a lot I desired to put up the discuss right here. I would like to state sustain the great work, and that i will likely be coming once again for positive since i have currently saved the actual web page.

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